In an abandoned garage next to the Citibank Tower in Long Island City, 
four actors transformed every character of Shakespeare's masterpiece.
Delving deep into the source material and the history of Northern Italy,
we reclaimed the power of love as a revolutionary act.

with Sarah Baskin* as the Nurse, Tybalt, Paris, and Montague
Doug Chapman as the Friar, Capulet, Benvolio, and Apothecary
Susannah Hoffman* as Juliet, Mercutio, and the Prince
and Jacob Martin as Romeo and Lady Capulet

at the chashama 26-15 Jackson Avenue space

Associate Producers, Holly Eliot, Carlo Fiorletta,
David and Cheryl Hoffman, and Yasmina Jacobs

Production Design, Dante Olivia Smith
Associate Production Designer, Adam Fujita
Costume Design, Summer Lee Jack
Fight Director, Shad Ramsey
Music Director, Becca Bernard
Publicity, Lanie Zipoy
Stage Manager, Edward Kyle
Assistant Stage Manager, Keri Taylor

Photos, Dante Olivia Smith and Anshuman Bhatia